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2023 Fall Baseball League Frequently Asked Questions


If your question is not addressed below please fill out the Contact Us form or call the facility at (970) 506-9797.


When and where will games be?


All games will be played on Saturdays from August 19-September 23 at the Youth Sports Complex in Greeley. Teams will play a double-header on half of the Saturdays.  The tournament will be played on September 30 and October 1.


What time and where will practices be?


Practice times and locations are determined by the head coach of each team.  The league does not designate practice times and/or locations.  Practice fields at the north end of the dirt parking lot are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Game fields are not to be used for practices at any time.  Requests for specific practice times and/or locations cannot be accpeted.  Coaches and parents are encouraged to discuss practice times and coordinate appropriately.


Can I request to play with a specific coach or player?


Due to the size of the league and team selection process, requests cannot be accpeted to play with a specific coach or player.  The selection of teams is performed through a draft in which coaches select players one by one.  Coach's kids will be guaranteed to their team and are asked not to try out.


Will everyone make the league?


Yes, every player will make the league.  The purpose of tryouts is to give each coach a chance to see every player and divide teams evenly.


What if my kid cannot make it to tryouts?


Every registered player at the time of the draft will be placed on a team.  Players who do not go to tryouts will be randomly placed on a team after all players who were present have been selected.


How many games will be played?


This depends on how many teams are in each division, on average each team will play 9-10 regular season games plus tournament games.


What rules will be applied?


High School rules will be played for all three divisions, with some variations for Division I.

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