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Pat Roche was a man of vision who believed that all problems could be overcome if they were looked at as opportunities waiting to be resolved. Pat was also a man who was dedicated to his children. When his children wanted to play baseball and there was not a facility available to teach them the fundamentals of the game, he decided to find the solution. From this need, Pat's vision of a baseball training facility was born - a facility that would have "state-of-the-art" equipment that would provide the youth of the community with one of the most outstanding training facilities in northern Colorado.

Values we believe in:

  • Participants will have FUN in our facility.

  • The P.B. Roche Facility is a place where people are treated with respect.

  • We want to have integrity between what we say and what we do.

  • We will provide leadership to all individuals.

  • We will be great mentors and teachers.

  • Our staff will be professional in everything that is done and will show a tremendous work ethic.

  • Trust is an important characteristic in the development of a person.

  • Relationships will be developed through trust and friendliness of the staff.

  • The P.B. Roche Facility will have great pride and class in every aspect.

  • We will strive for excellence in everything we do.

  • We will teach through encouragement.

  • We want to operate our facility within the Christian faith.

  • The facility will balance competitiveness and sportsmanship. “Competitive Sportsmanship”

  • We want to teach individuals that desire, dedication, and a strong work ethic will make any dream come true.

  • The staff will demonstrate tolerance and patience.

  • We will show compassion and forgiveness.

  • Responsibility will be taught through the importance of teamwork and honesty with other people.

  • We will give people hope, opportunity, and the support to dream to become whatever you set your mind to.


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